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Sampling Deerfield: Faculty

January 25, 2018

So much of our life experience is determined by the people around us. Exploring Mars would be drudgery with the wrong people; but a routine trip to the store for a loaf of bread is a joy with your best friend. Seeking a summer of joy rather than drudgery? Experimentory teachers are Deerfield Academy teachers –- people we know exemplify our goals of maximizing creativity and character –- people who are a joy to learn from and learn with!

Troubleshooting an electronics project Mr. Bakker coaches Exp17 student
Qiheng as he builds circuitry for 
electronics class. During the school
year, Mr. Bakker teaches Computer
Science and advises DA's FIRST 
Robotics Team.


This is the second installment in our Sampling Deerfield series. These posts examine the ways in which the Experimentory gives its students a taste of our parent institution, Deerfield Academy. A taste can lead to a full meal – for middle schoolers considering DA for high school – or a delectable snack that you eat, enjoy, and are done. This post: our faculty.

Architecture students visit Historic Deerfield
Mr. Payne, Deerfield's architecture teacher, uses 
homes in Historic Deerfield to teach his 
Experimentory students each summer.

With a faculty team full of Deerfield teachers, an Experimentory Summer echoes the full Deerfield Experience. You’ll have a good idea of what a Deerfield French class is like after studying French Culture and Film with Mr. Correa.  What better way to know how the Deerfield Robotics Team operates after a summer of sustainable tech design with Mr. Bakker? And could you get a better taste of DA's discussion-based learning than in Ms. Melvoin's Ethics course? Most importantly, though, you'll spend your summer with teachers that love learning and teaching, and will share their passion with you day by day.

You’ll see Deerfield faculty outside the classroom as well.  Our Director, Ms. Schaffer, is a dorm resident. Head of Community Life, Mr. Kelly, is a Dean of Students along with Ms. Melvoin. And many of our Proctors are current or former Deerfield Academy students – people with an excellent inside knowledge of DA.

Sample Deerfield

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