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Sampling Deerfield: The Campus

February 1, 2018

Imagine this: You are invited to play a jazz clarinet solo at your high school’s graduation ceremony. What a thrill! You practice, take extra lessons, and compose your own music. But then a flying saucer intercepts you on the way to the ceremony! A glowing, three-eyed being with no understanding of Earth slang steps out and eats your instrument, expecting it to be a licorice stick. Unable to find a replacement instrument, you are forced to make your big debut with a homemade harmonica made of a comb and wax paper.  

Things do not go well.

The best ideas fail if you don’t have the tools and materials necessary to execute your plan. Since at the Experimentory we challenge our students to bring their best, we need everything ready to enable their best. Thankfully, Deerfield Academy campus is a well-supplied toolbox.

Today our Sampling Deerfield series continues. These posts examine the ways in which the Experimentory offers its students a test drive of its parent institution, Deerfield Academy. Today’s topic: our campus and facilities.

Each summer the Experimentory primarily inhabits three spaces: our classes are held in the Boyden Library; group meetings and activities are held in the Hess Center for the Arts; and students live in the Johnson-Doubleday dorms. These facilities are among the most recently renovated spaces on our campus. They include:

Students testing circuits in the Innovation Lab 

The Innovation Lab – this maker space includes everything from power drills to glue guns to embroidery machines to 3D printers


 Students match the soundtrack they composed to their final film using one of our multi-media centers.

Multi-Media Classrooms - With video workstations, green screens, and
professional lighting arrays, this is perfect for making and editing student films


Peering over a Rachel's shoulder we get a sneak peek at her Historic Deerfield house design.
The Experimentory Architecture Classroom -- we're equipped with
Sketch-Up software – perfect for designing entire cities and individual buildings

Jack hones his presentation skills by reciting a poem he's written
The Elizabeth Wachsman Concert Hall – an acoustically beautiful auditorium
for All X Meetings, student shows, and presentations

Middle school students and proctors chill together in the dorm common room
The Crow Commons – the shared common room connecting the girls and
boys dorms that’s great for impromptu dance parties, birthday celebrations,
and hanging out

Beyond these we share plenty of other campus spaces while we’re here, including the Dining Hall, Health Center, swimming pool, squash courts, Greer Café, Planetarium, and more.

At the Experimentory you have all these tools of Deerfield Academy to let your creativity take shape. 

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