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The Experimentory Blog Returns! -- With a new feature...

October 11, 2017

Glancing back and looking forward

What a great summer.

Exp17 was just what we'd hoped it would be: full of creativity, growth, and fun-fun-fun. If you haven't already, visit The Exp Summer Daily as well as our FacebookInstagramYouTube, and Flickr pages to get a taste (or a five-course meal) of last summer.  

With our annual post-program social media hiatus coming to a close, we've added a subscription option to the Experimentory Blog. We hope this feature will make it easier for you keep up with our program. Just complete the short form below!

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We expect some exciting posts in the weeks to come: new student interviews; a video imagining what the Experimentory would be like as a person; reflections on our three years of programming; and, of course, news about our 2018 teachers, clusters, and offerings. Exciting stuff! 

Thanks again to our wonderful Exp17 students and summer staff team! Keep pursuing creativity and character -- and keep in touch.

Happy Autumn!

Experimentory Blog provides an overview of Deerfield Academy's innovative middle school summer program. Its posts highlight students, teachers, classes, values, goals, and future plans. Please complete the form below to subscribe!

You may also enjoy perusing The Exp Summer Daily and our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr pages. These features stories and snapshots of our adventures each summer. 

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