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The Experimentory in a Nutshell

February 21, 2018

Welcome to the Experimentory Blog! This post is a summary of who we are and what we do.

If you are just learning about the Experimentory for the first time: Welcome! This is a great place to get yourself oriented before you complete an application. Follow the green links below to learn more about specific areas of interest.

If you are one of our regular readers: Welcome to you as well!! We believe our alumni students and parents will especially enjoy reminiscing through the pictures that follow.

The Experimentory at Deerfield Academy

Seventh grade students study the architecture of one of the historic buildings along Old Main Street in Deerfield.Located in Deerfield, Massachusetts, the Experimentory summer program inspires creativity, fosters character, and challenges thinking while providing a fun-filled “Deerfield Experience.”  Sixth and seventh grade students come from across the country and around the world to learn design thinking and sample all that Deerfield Academy has to offer—including Deerfield teachers and motivated peers. 


Maximize your creativity by breaking out of the familiar and trying something new! Our program introduces students to subjects outside the typical middle school curriculum: 2018 courses include Ethics, Urban Planning, French Culture and Film, and Sustainability.

Students filming a video in Deerfield's beautiful Boyden Library.We also believe we learn how to be creative by... well, creatingOur learning is project-based, so our classrooms are more lab than lecture hall. Our projects are fun and provide opportunities to learn how creative people work—through trial and error, playful experimentation, and by refining designs. Students also have all sorts of tools at their disposal: Deerfield Academy’s Innovation Lab, video editing facilities, architecture software, and more. 


One of the beauties of boarding school is the way in which all parts of life intersect. We live, eat, and play together. We spend our summer exploring what it means to be generous, kind, empathetic, and more.

Students from around the world stand proudly around the tech project they built together.We believe in collaborative teams. As we learn to work together, we refine our character as much as we build a working prototype or plan a cityscape. There are six character attributes we consider essential to our classwork: curiosity, creativity, grit and resilience, initiative and independence, effective discussion and teamwork, and disciplined work habits.

Sample Deerfield

Ms. Melvoin explains the history of the Pioneer Valley while on a class field trip.The Experimentory is also an opportunity for students to get a taste of boarding school life at our parent institution, Deerfield Academy. With the expertise of Deerfield teachers, all the advantages of Deerfield’s campus and facilities, and the foundation of Deerfield traditions, we are a “fun-sized” version of the Deerfield Experience.

A collage sampling some of the fun we've explored in past years -- hiking, canoing, tennis, ultimate, swimming, and baseball.Speaking of having fun, we believe creative learning should be fun exploration, so we dedicate lots of time to co-curricular activities and field trips in order to introduce our students to sports, hobbies, and places they may have never experienced before. Some examples from past years include white water rafting excursions, baking, yoga, Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, fishing, and more!

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