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When and Where is the Experimentory?

November 28, 2017

When: Establishing Shot

2018 will be the first year where students will have several options regarding the when of their Experimentory experience. 

First, students may choose how long to stay. The Experimentory will be in session for four weeks. We'd love to have you here for that whole time, but you may choose to come for just two weeks, if that better suits your schedule. The sessions are:

  • Four Week Program: July 8 - August 4, 2018.
  • Two Week Program Session 1: July 8 – 20, 2018.
  • Two week Program Session 2: Session 2: July 22 – August 3, 2018.

Second, we'll now be accepting both boarding students and day students. Generally, day students live within a driving radius of campus. Day students will join us either during or after breakfast and participate in all daily activities: courses, sit-down lunch, co-curriculars, and free time. They’ll stay into the late afternoon ending around 5:30 each day with the option to stay for dinner and evening activities. Day students may also choose to join us for some evening and weekend field trips and activities.

Where - Facilities: Extreme Close-Up

The Experimentory has the use to some of Deerfield Academy’s best facilities. Courses meet in the Boyden Library and the Hess Center for the Fine Arts – Deerfield Academy’s most recently renovated buildings. Our film-making students edit their work at collaborative media stations; our young engineers have an Innovation Lab chock-full of tools and materials; the architects in our midst design on professional software; and all students present and perform in the acoustically pristine Elizabeth Wachsman Concert Hall.

Boarding students live in the Johnson-Doubleday dorm complex: a “Village” residential experience with community areas on each floor and a large common space shared by both (boys and girls) dorms. And we have DA’s tennis courts, pool, turf field, music practice rooms, squash courts, gym, Greer Café, and more for co-curricular and free time.

IMG_3038.jpg  All X-1.jpg

Where - Deerfield Campus: Panning Out

Being part of Deerfield Academy campus gives us access to many shared facilities and traditions as well. The Dining Hall provides healthy and delicious meals, and (though hopefully you’ll not need them) we have a Health Center with nurses on call. And we make trips down to the Deerfield River and up to the Rock.

Where - The Pioneer Valley: Zoom Out Wide Angle Panorama

We also take full advantage of our home in Central Massachusetts. Our very town is located in Historic Deerfield – a walking museum of Colonial and Early American era buildings perfect for learning about New England architecture and culture. We explore nearby wooded hills by foot and the Deerfield River in rafts. And we take daytrips to museums, parks, and other places of interest.

IMG_4721.jpg IMG_8462.jpg

This post is part of a series: Four W’s and an H: Getting to know the Experimentory. Explore previous posts in the Experimentory Blog side menu. Stay tuned for the final post next week!


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