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Who is the Experimentory? The Students

November 14, 2017

A few years ago we revised our application. The original had fairly standard essay questions of the Why-do-you-want-to-come variety.  Our new questions? Tell us a story about what’s happening in this picture, said one. Sell us a food you absolutely hate, said another. Students chose two out of five to answer in whatever medium and fashion they liked.

The difficulty with sketching William is that he won't sit still! William creates Alex's likeness using glue and glitter
William and Alex race to create portraits of each other in different media at Exp16.

We wanted our application to reflect our program: imaginative, student-centered, open-ended and fun. And our applicants delivered! We received radio-dramas, stop-motion animation, short stories, riddles, and math equations, as well as some more traditional essay responses. Some were amazing, some were honestly only so-so.  One applicant wrote “I’m not that good of a drawer,” next to his illustration, “but I wanted to try.” He got it: our application isn’t a contest or a standardized test. We didn’t want to see perfection, but a creative spark and a willingness to risk having fun.

Theater + Electronics made these LED name plates that told part of their story.
Can you guess where Will is from?

Demographically, our students are diverse. Students come from all over the country and all over the world. We’ve had students from Barbados, China, San Francisco, Korea, Dominican Republic, New Orleans, Maine, Saudi Arabia, New York, Mississippi, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Pennsylvania, and, of course, from right around the corner here in Massachusetts. All Experimentors can expect to go home having made friends with vastly different experiences from themselves.

Finally, we are, of course, a program for students currently in sixth and seventh grades. We love working with kids that age. On one hand, they are able to handle academic rigor. But they also have their middle and high school careers ahead of them to pursue the interests and develop the skills they discover in their month with us.

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