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Why Join the Experimentory? Learning Innovation

October 31, 2017

Physicists dream of finding a Unified Theory of Everything – an equation concise enough to write the universe on a t-shirt. We’re one step ahead of them: our motto is E = MC2 or “Experimentory: Maximize your Creativity and Character.”

Two middle school students show off a prototype of their creative, collaborative summer project
Ethan (Grade 8) and Cami (Grade 7) combined music and technology to build a piano glove.

Take a survey of successful, innovative people across a variety of fields.  They take creative risks and learn from their failures; they are disciplined while still finding great joy in their work; they mix ways of thinking and modes of expression; they receive help and inspiration from others. These are the sorts of skills and values we need to teach students who want to be creative innovators themselves. Yet with curriculum demands, the need for formal assessment, and the drive for excellent grades, it is very difficult for even the best schools to incorporate collaborating with others or learning from failure during the autumn-to-spring school year.

The Experimentory is an opportunity for middle school students to learn and strengthen these skills in a creative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative setting.

Middle school students collaborate on a visual music box  Creativity at work: A colorful wheel spins and an electric eye translates colors into musical notes.

This post is part of a series: Four W’s and an H: Getting to know the Experimentory. Read the first post -- What is the Experimentory? -- and stay tuned for more posts to follow.

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