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Why Join the Experimentory? Trying Things on for Size

November 7, 2017

Internet shopping is a time-saving modern wonder – especially if you live someplace (like rural Massachusetts, for example?) far from brick-and-mortar stores. But it is also fraught with uncertainties. How big is that toy in the picture? Will that bath mat match the towels we already own? And what size is that “medium,” really? Sometimes you have to throw up your hands and make the hour long drive to the store to see something in person.

Eating with classmates and teachers helps build community.

The Exp17 Community gathers around Ms. C to 
sing Happy Birthday in the Dining Hall.

If choosing a pair of pants inspires uncertainty, how much more comes when choosing a school? Is my daughter independent enough to board at school? Will I be able to makefriends away from home? There is only so much you can glean from a tour and an interview, so it can be intimidating to take the plunge into a new life away from home... The Experimentory introduces students to the elements and routines of boarding school. What’s more, we model and coach how to live at boarding school. Experimentory alumni are able to make informed decisions about whether and where they might apply in the future.

What is Experimentory dorm life like? Watch this video to learn more.
Seventh grade student Qiheng performs a theater scene on stage
Qiheng thought of himself as a tech guy when he 
signed up for Theater + Electronics... but he discovered
he could deliver a great monologue!

Choosing classes and activities can also be difficult. Should I take a Computer Science elective when I only have one open space in my schedule – what if I hate coding? Should I really try chorus – what if I’m a terrible singer?  Our interdisciplinary program is designed to maximize innovation, but an added benefit is that it affords lots of opportunities to try new things. Perhaps you have played an instrument since you were five but have never edited a film. Perhaps you love Robotics Club but aren’t sure about committing to Drama Club. Our course clusters allow you to approach a subject that’s new to you through a subject that’s familiar. What’s more, you’ll be surrounded by classmates also trying new things.

This post is part of a series: Four W’s and an H: Getting to know the Experimentory. Visit our previous posts (including another "why") and stay tuned for more!.


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